Friday, 29 Aug 2014
When foreigners play musicals in Vietnam
Publication : THE THAO & VAN HOA CUOI TUAN    Issue No : 35   Code : 3726193   Page : 30,31   Size: 858 cm2   Writer : DU LÊ   Picture   Media value : 25,279,000 VNĐ
Circulation : 50,000   Coverage : Nationwide   Frequency : Weekly
Summary They live and work in Vietnam. In the morning, they can be someone. However, at dusk, they become talented musical players, like small culture traders. In the 3-4 recent years, there has been a real group of young musical players being foreigners in HCM City. Thierry Bernard Gotteland is an example. He comes from France and is now lecturer of sound design at RMIT Vietnam in HCM City. Out of the academic environment, he is not only a visual artist but also a good musical player.